Andrew Owen Paul — Storyboard and Fine Artist

Storyboards and Sketch Art

Traditional and Digital work done for Film, Commercials and TV.

Illustrations done for 20th Century Fox for Good Housekeeping Deadpool 2 Holiday issue.

Jessica Jones frames for Netflix

Acura concept for WATM

Gatorade color boards

Lost in Space promotional frames for Netflix

VR board for Sony

Audi ‘Birth’ Spot

Illustration for 20th Century Fox’s 50th anniversary ‘Planet of the Apes’

Michael K. Williams for HBO spot

Greenhouse for Black Tux

Character expressions. Ashoka from Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Audi ‘Birth’ Spot

Dr Miami sketch art

Storyboard for Bullitt Agency for Super Bowl LII NFL spot

B&W cast comp

Unused shots for Seiko

Project Runway model shoot composition.

LTXtreme Land Sea RC

Toyota Storyboard.

IDT Christmas App

Nike : Rise Above Twitter spot.

Extreme Drone Racing concepts

Anti Smoking spot.

FSC storyboards

Powerade product shooting board. All Sets Design and Customs.

WWE Crash Cage commercial for MATTEL

Pitch boards for ‘Precious Little Things’ film by B. C. Jones.

Nike : Kevin Durant ‘Debate This’ commercial pitch illustration.